Looking to read some of my comics? Well, look no further, because you can check out and preview some of my work right here! I'm always working on something new, so you can always keep up on my projects by tuning into this page.

The comics here are generally suitable for all ages unless otherwise noted.

Secret Shop_003.jpg

Little truck lost (2018)

In this short comic created for the first Secret Shop anthology project, a pair of chefs find themselves in a peculiar situation; a cursed food truck! Read on to discover how Roz and Hector's humble little business received a pretty big overhaul and how they plan to make lemons out of lemonade (or whatever might be on the menu for the day)!

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The first story in Tales from the World of Adventure features Wren, a novice adventurer as she journeys onward with her first real quest. The reward? A long lost magic dagger. The challenge? Varied monsters, a sprawling wilderness and... turnips? Wren's going to have quite the tale to tell by the end of this adventure!

Spookydate Pin-up.jpg

Spookydate (2015)

In the small oceanfront town of Dockside, Craig and his group of friends have made a huge discovery-- an actual ghost! And it turns out this ghost girl just wants to make some new friends. Come along on this comedic tale of the supernatural and the true meaning of friendship.

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The collected auto-biographic comics of the artist, John-Charles, as he struggles through the final months of college and deals with the highs and lows of everyday life, along with some of the stranger day-to-day oddities.