About John-Charles

John-Charles Holmes is a writer and cartoonist from Richmond, VA, who is now currently living and working in the suburbs of Chicago. As a cartoonist, he is constantly drawing generally fun and cute comics and illustrations for audiences of all ages.

His art and writing has been featured in places such as Destructoid, Tiny Cartridge, and Twinfinite. He has also been featured as a guest at events including the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and Super Smash Con and has even collaborated with Hey Chickadee, Fangamer, Magfest, Meteor, and more.

John-Charles graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Communications and Cinema, arming him with a keep critical eye for culture and a strong sense of vocal communication. These are the same skills that he has brought to the table when writing comics as well as previous work producing written content for a number of blogs and appearing on various podcasts as a host, producer, and regular contributor.

Today, he continues to work on creating more comics and creating work that reaches wider audiences and speaks to readers who may not often see themselves best represented in media.